10 Website Maintenance Tips for Beginners


People think owning a website is very easy. Upload content twice a week and earn. This simple is what people assume owning a website is to be. The thing that people do not know is the efforts that are needed to maintain the website every now and then. We are here to give a few tips regarding the maintenance of the website, especially for beginners.

Assure the Registration of Domain Name:

A domain name is an internet address that is located by an individual or a group of people. When the domain name is chosen for a website, it is made sure that the name is registered. Keeping a website maintained includes assuring that if your domain name is registered or not. Many people don’t even get to know about it. The reason for them being unaware of this is that maybe the contact information they provided was incorrect and they didn’t get any email regarding the domain name registration. Get yourself assured regarding its registration and review your contact information to make sure it’s correct.

Check Statistics:

This is a very important thing to do if you have to make sure that your website is maintained or not. Just like the insights option on different social media apps that tells you about where the audience is coming from, website statistics are aware of the kind of people viewing your website. This will help you in knowing the mindsets of the customer and improving your website traffic.


Website testing is very essential as it aware you timely about any issue your site is facing. Functions like a newsletter, sign-ups or say forms that are attached to your site must get tested to make sure if they are working fine or not.

Check for Software Updates:

When you own a website it becomes very important for you to check about any software installation upgrade. New software means new up-gradation. The web server or a web with hosting service that you use for your website will tell you about the new software updates. You should check your web servers or if you own one yourself then make sure you have the latest software for things like the web service, FTP service, and other ones.

Check for Errors:

Some tools are specially made by the developers that check for errors on a website. The two most famous tools are the Bing webmaster tool and the Google master tool. These two are the reliable sources from where you can check if any errors are there on your website. The first thing that should be checked through this tool is the error log file and the second thing is any warning message regarding the error. This will help your website be maintained from time to time.


Go for a Change in Design:

Design matters the most as it is the first thing to appear to people when they will visit your website. Every browser is updated after a while and every website needs to adapt as per the change. Change the design of your website to adapt to the browser changes. Other than that you should try different styles for the text and images used in your content.

Check the Speed:

Will you want to wait for more than a minute if a site does not get loaded? The majority will answer no. The time of the customer is very important and people are always in a hurry. You need to check what the load time of your website is. If the website is getting loaded in more than a few minutes then get this issue sorted.

Assure Backups are Being Done:

All of us know how important backups are. Backups are always a savior when you lose any kind of data because of any bug or issue. Many times we get so busy collecting and saving data that we forget about making a backup of it or making sure if the backup is happening. Website backups are very important. You need to check if a backup is being made of your website content.  This should be done at least once a year.

Go for a Trial Run:

Going for a trial run means being your customer. What it means is searching for your website on the browsers. Pick some keywords that you have mentioned on your website and check if your website is appearing in the top results. If not, then work on your website and put the ones more appropriate about the niche you are working in.  Another option that is website optimization also works as a solution here.

Review Policies:

Rules and regulations are made to be followed and everyone should make sure that they are not breaking any. Policies are made to practice the rules. Just like that only some policies are also made for websites. You need to review these policies now and then to make sure you are working as per them. Also, make sure you don’t get charged with a legal claim.

November 13th, 2020 by