Know These Ways of Increasing the Domain Authority of Your Website

Know These Ways of Increasing the Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain Authority is a measuring score created by Moz that is regularly used to measure the optimization of a site.

It is estimated at a size of 0-100, where 0 is a low authority and 100 is a high authority.

On the chance that you need to develop your ranking on search engines, you need to pay attention to your domain authority because the factor behind the increase in the domain authority is usually the same as for the search engine.

The higher your DA, the more remarkable your chances of placing high on the SERPs. This will therefore bring you more natural traffic.

Unlike the PageRank positioning value used by Google, which uses many elements, Moz determines the numbers using around 40 factors with the help of the unique algorithms.

Some of these components include the number of backlinks to your website, the quality of these links, the content quality of your website and the current SEO execution, and even the appearance of your website through social media.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tricks to increase your domain authority which commonly helps to rank higher on Google.

· Create High-Quality, Connectable Content

To be considered a higher position on the search engine, build more and more backlinks of excellent quality.

You should create first-class content that will be improved for the search engines. Moreover, you should consistently publish it.

When your content starts ranking at the top of the SERP then more web owners would give you the backlinks through referring to your article, taking pictures and infographics, offering assets and guides, and this way, a quality backlink is possible.

This way, there are more chances that your domain authority would increase as well as you will get more traffic to your site.

· Get High-Quality Backlinks

If you’re making excellent content that explains the customer’s queries and gives clear answers, and this can bring some backlinks to your site.

However, Moz charts show a few ways you can make backlinks without resorting to buying those links or creating artificial link profiles that ultimately do more harm than anything else with Google penalties.

Backlinks are a great way of giving a positive impact to Google that your site is worthy and more peoples are referring to your site because of the quality content.

Remember, the backlinks are best when natural else Google crawlers are enough intelligent to know which link is natural or artificial.

· Grow Your Internal Linking Structure

Do not try to let your emphasis on backlinks instead maintain the balance in the need for a strong internal connection technique.

By filling your content with internal linking, you help your guests find exactly what they are looking for and make your website even easier to understand.

Internal links also make it easier for web crawlers to explore your website and are a major step for increasing the domain authority as well as page authority.

One way to add internal links to your website is to suggest blog entries or tutorials, in addition to the graphical anchor text, depending on what the customer is reading on your website.

· Track Your Page Authority

A low-performance site requires a superior links profile, which can be compromised if you receive external links from other high-authority sites that are considered an important fact in increasing the domain authority.

By connecting a low-performance site with a high-position site, you can easily recover the page the authority of your site.

The page authority is although another measurement for web pages by Moz but it helps a lot for increasing the domain authority.

· Removal Of Bad Connections

Having more connections does not mean that your Domain Authority will increase when the connections are bad or of low-quality.

Broken or bad links can be the cause for an increase in spam score and you should always make efforts to reduce it. You can use the free da checker to know how much spam your website has.

According to Moz, a decent link should come from a page on a website that is internally connected, and if the distinction between the Domain Authority and the Page Authority is very high, it tends to be a sign of spam.

Removal Of Bad Connections

Backlink analysis from social platforms will help you check if there are broken links or malicious links that could harm your site.

You would then be able to attempt to reject the bad links by contacting Google with the help of the Google Search Console.

· Publicize Your Website On Social Media

As we know Google loves sharing your web content on the social media platform and this is also a ranking factor for Google.

Similarly, the domain authority also has the factor of social media behind the increase in the number of these measuring.

However, for making it natural, you should write quality content on your website so that more audience would share it on their profiles and this would bring an impression to the Moz algorithm.

· Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

A high number of online users access the web via mobile phones. With the small chance that your website has not yet been improved for mobile use, you are already behind at this point.

Not only will it hurt your Internet search ranking, but you’ll miss out on a ton of guests who will leave your site once they understand that it’s not being displayed appropriately on their phone or tablet.

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

To check whether your site is portable, you can visit this mobile-friendly test from the Google Developers page. It dissects your site page and lets you see how versatile your site is.


Increasing the domain authority benefits in different senses including the chances of getting more ranking, more guest posts, as well as more backlinks.

When your domain authority lies above 40 then more blogs and authors give backlinks for any of the facts or articles that you mention on your website.

However, make sure you are making efforts to increase the domain authority according to the factors of the Moz. This is because increasing the DA with a black hat can increase your spam score as well as harm your website.