How to shape your career in 2021? Guide to Career Change

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It’s been a difficult year many people. Many have lost their jobs, have been made redundant and some people are completely considering a career change and I don’t just mean changing employer working in a similar industry than the one you’re in, Some people are completely changing the industry that they have known for years. This can be quite exciting and daunting at the same time.

The good thing is because of the amount of technology and information available to us online we are able to research and find out more about the new career we are keen on.

For example, you may have five years work experience as a sales assistant working in retail and selling beauty products and you may have two years experience working in a restaurant as a waitress serving Indian food. This year you decided that you are interested in working in the care sector that you have no idea about this industry and you have no qualifications in the sector but you have a strong desire to want to help people and you’ve realised this in 2020.

In this situation I would recommend searching online for courses in the care sector. Many courses are now available purely by distant learning so don’t have to go into the college school or university and you can just do it online provide providing you have a Wi-Fi connection.  You may find that there are courses that you’re interested in in the care sector that may fall under the health sector as well. You could do a course in health and social care for example. You could do a course in caring for the elderly, understanding dementia, or a course in helping those with challenging needs. There are also online courses in mental health and you can start with the basics if this is new to you.

There are courses online that you have to pay for (some are very valuable and very cheap and worth the investment) and there are many courses online that are completely free. By doing these courses in the new sector you’re interested in not only do you gain the knowledge, you will also be able to put something on your CV / resume that is related to the industry that you are keen on which is going to give you more chanced to get a job opportunity, because it shows that you have taken the initiative to learn about it.

By having a qualification on your CV such as certificate in the care sector level 2 this will also help some employers and recruiters to find you if you put this on your CV and you put your CV on an online job board, because often recruiters use search terms (keywords) to find relevant CVs to look for ideal candidates roles.

If you are also looking to up skill and get qualifications in management and team leading you can also find courses like this online and some of these are free.  An example is a team building course where you gain relevant knowledge and understanding required to successfully lead a team. You will develop knowledge around the principles of team leading, and the general workings of a business as well as how important it is for a team leader to be able to effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders. There are many courses that you can do in your own time without specific deadlines if this is more ideal for you.

There are also customer service skill courses that are free online. Some these free courses are also accredited by awarding bodies.

In the UK if you meet certain criteria you are able to do level 2 courses for free online even if you have a degree in a different sector. For example, you may be very qualified and have experience and a degree in English language however you have taken an interest in tech and digital marketing during the lockdown this year and you would love to get a role in this field but you don’t have any professional experience, so you can look to do a free level 2 course in technology or digital skills for example. Whilst this level is lower than a degree it gives you knowledge in the new sector you’re keen on so I think this is a very useful thing to do if you are looking to work in a different industry.

There are many different subjects you can learn about online including in technology ,caring about animals, learning how to cook food, learning about the ocean, aviation, the human body, finance, money management and law.  Courses in law include, an introduction to the criminal system, criminology or you could learn about employment. There is plenty of variety online.

I would also recommend reaching out to others in the industry and you can find these people on LinkedIn and Twitter and you can also search for memberships and networking opportunities online. Others may also give you more inspiration which will help you in your chosen career. Some people in your network that you reach out to contact me even have some work experience or job opportunity for you or may be some training.

I would also recommend updating your LinkedIn profile to be more aligned to the industry that you’re looking to go into as well. If you’re doing a course it’s worth mentioning this on LinkedIn. You can add this in the education section, the courses /  certification section and you can also post a status about it.

I would also consider deleting any content posts that you have made in the past that you think may negatively impact you in the future. This is also known as your digital footprint and it’s worth having a look at where you’ve made posts in the past online. Check LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for example.

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Faye Eldridge is the founder and director of The Fyami Marketing group limited, a curious b2b lead generation agency in London, that offers bespoke marketing and lead generation plans. She has a Master’s degree and is currently partaking in doctorate business research relating to the CMO and CTO collaboration.