Which Safe Certification Is Best?

Which Safe Certification Is Best?

Scaled Agile Framework is a set of principles, processes and best practices that helps larger organizations adopt agile methodologies, such as Lean and Scrum. It serves as a guide in scaling lean and agile practices including DevOps, Lean, Extreme programming, and scrum.

It is very important to choose the right SAFe training course that aligns with your current position in the company. With this information, you can set the right path to take SAFe certification. To select the most suited SAFe certification course first you have to know the offering courses.

SAFe Agile training offers 10 certification courses

  • SAFe Agilist
  • SAFe program consultant
  • SAFepractitioner
  • SAFe scrum master
  • SAFe Advances scrum master
  • SAFe release train engineer
  • SAFe product owner/ Manager
  • SAFe DevOps practitioner
  • SAFe Government practitioner
  • SAFe Agile software engineer

1. SAFe Agilist:-

This is an excellent opportunity for the person who wants to learn from the starting point. It deals with scaled agile framework principles and how to deal with lean agile transformation. SAFe agilest training helps to become lean thinking manager. By applying SAFe one can create high-performance teams in the organizations. It helps to coordinate multiple agile release trains with a solution train.

2. SAFe program consultant:-

The SAFe program consultant course is a 4-day training program that has training software developers to coach programs and adopts the DevOps culture. By the end of the course, you should be able to take the position of a lean-agile leader who can lead digital transformations at the enterprise level. With Safe program consultant training, you can align different teams in a company to a common language and working method. You should be able to train other SAFe roles in the enterprise.

3. SAFe practitioner:-

SAFePractioner certification course includes the SAFe to scale Lean and agile development at the enterprise level. SAFe practitioner training is a 2-day course that includes an in-depth understanding of ARTs.  By knowing all other terms on ART, and the dependencies on their teams. It helps you to plan program increments.

4. SAFe Scrum Master:-

SAFe Scrum Master course is a 2-day training that details the role of a scrum master in a SAFe environment. SAFe Scrum Master course explains the role of a scrum master at an enterprise level in depth. After completing the course, one has to plan and execute program increments and create high programming agile teams. One has to support DevOps implementation by the end of the course.

5. Safe advanced scrum master:-

Safe advanced scrum master training is completely focused on training existing scrum masters to take on a leadership role in an enterprise. Safe advanced scrum master training is a two-day course that includes scrum master to the concept of scalable engineering and DevOps practices.

6. SAFe release train engineer:-

A certified release train engineer is able to take control of an agile release train by coordinating, organizing, and guiding all the team. This three-day course will benefit you if you are a new release train engineer, scrum master, program manager, agile coach.

7. Product Owner/ Product Manager:-

The product owner/product manager certification course is a 2-day Agile course helpful for business owners, product managers, and business analysts. By the completion of the course, you will be able to plan Pls and deliver value for the enterprise.

8. Devops Practitioner:-

DevOps practitioners certification course is a 2-day training program that gives an overview of DevOps.

9. SAFe Government practitioner:-

SAFe Government practitioner training is a 2-day course focused on imparting skills for building technology-based lean-agile practices.

10. SAFe Agile Software Engineer:

SAFe agile software engineer course is a three-day training program that helps a software engineer to learn the foundational practices of the agile software.