Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft Direct Routing

Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft Direct Routing

Make & Receive Business Phone Calls with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Organizations are already making use of Teams for chat, file sharing, and video conferencing. You can now integrate Teams with the office phone system for a truly collaborative, integrated experience with the help of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. It is a service in Teams that permits organizations to connect external phone lines and make use of Teams as an office phone system.

SBC (Session Border Controller) is required to connect Teams to a Communications Service Provider (aka phone lines). Teams make use of IP-based voice connections, commonly referred to as SIP trunks to connect to the rest of the world. These connections are secured by SBCs and promise interoperability so organizations can choose from several service providers across the globe.

AudioCodes, Twilio to Deliver Direct Routing Connectivity for Microsoft Teams - ChannelVision Magazine

Organizations can make use of Teams for all their business calls or slowly migrate from a legacy PBX, depending on their requirements. And in view of the fact that Teams clients work on a Mac, PC, or Smartphone, users can make and receive calls from almost anywhere, on any device, staying connected and without even getting their productivity hindered at all, and in any case.

Microsoft Direct Routing is one of the most promising services that can be integrated with the office phone system. Simply connect the existing phone system to Microsoft Teams and you are ready to go. It works as a desk phone, meaning you can make and receive calls the same as with standard desk phones. It makes use of existing setups, meaning you can maintain all the existing Call Centre software, devices, and integrations without any hassles.

This is a system which is known popularly for its low maintenance cost and it has got low monthly subscription fee model. Last but not the least is that it is a fully managed cloud service, meaning you need not worry about it at all 24 x 7 x 365.

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