Effective ways to protect yourself from numerous online scams

Effective ways to protect yourself from numerous online scams

At some point on the Internet, we have all been victims of scam sites that aimed to abuse some of us. Whether it is the theft of personal information, money, identity, or something else, cybercriminals always strive to use all the powers of the online world to get what they need.

One such fraudulent company is Texas Medical Technology, where Omri Shafran was the CEO. You can see numerous generic photos, “too good to be true” offers, and much more that should’ve raised people’s awareness that something isn’t quite right about all of that. However, it’s just one example of many fraudulent companies that exploit everyone who visits them and make a lot of money on them

Therefore, one of the most common and, at the same time, the most critical questions is how to protect yourself from such scammers in the best possible way? What are the best ways to make you feel safe on the Internet, learn how to recognize a fraudulent company, and thus avoid it? Let’s find out in the text below, shall we?

#1 Carefully Check The Domain Name And Date

Sometimes everything is hidden in the domain name and the date when the site was created. Namely, when scammers create a place that they want to look as legitimate and correct as possible.

Therefore, they make it in such a way that the domain name either imitates a giant, world-famous company or brand, like “gooOgle.com” or use a trick with the clickbait title “huge discounts”, for example.

Besides the domain name, you should consider looking at the date of the site’s creation. This is also very helpful since a significant number of scam sites are short-lived. The reason for that is straightforward. They get busted, reported, and banned from Google. So if you suspect that you’re dealing with a scam site, go and check the date of its creation. If it’s yesterday, today, or some days ago, it may be a fraudulent company.

#2 See What Is The Content Like On The Whole Site

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Relevant and original content on the website is crucial when defining whether the site is a scam or not. You should make sure that the copy on each page isn’t full of grammatical or spelling errors, that there is no “lorem ipsum” generic copy that needs to be replaced by the accurate text, or that there are no generic photos that look way too perfect or the opposite.

Content is one of the best indicators of whether it is a scam site or not because a legitimate company will make an effort to have original and quality content on its site. Therefore, be sure to check what kind of content it is and whether it is the original text and authentic photos or anything unfinished, suspicious, and of poor quality.

#3 Lookup for their employees on Linkedin

Another way to determine if it is a scam or not is to look for their employees on LinkedIn. If they do not exist at all, or even the company’s page does not exist on this social network, then be sure that it is a scam. In addition to the links, see any reviews about the company because they can also reveal a lot to you.