Easy Method of Jailbreaking iPods Yourself

If you want to learn the process for Jailbreaking all iPod models, then there is no question that it can be very fast and easy.

This ease only comes from actually using on of the automated programs that will complete the technical side of the Jailbreak for you. The manual method is dangerous and many users are destroying their firmware.

Why should I jailbreak my iPod?


In technical terms, jailbreaking is defined as a process through which users unlock their device’s software so that they can customize their Apple device to their needs. Once the device is jailbroken, users can download third party applications as well as the applications that are not supported by Apple, Inc. You can get free software updates, games, and the ability to download free wallpapers. The jailbreaking process is very easy and requires the users to follow some easy steps.

As mentioned above, jailbreaking is the process of bypassing all digital file protection rights that are imposed by Apple, Inc. Through jailbreaking, users can download third party applications and customize the iPod to their needs:

  • Get thousands of free games and apps
  • Amazing keyboards, skins, lock sliders
  • Download and keep youtube videos
  • Use iPod as external hard drive so files can go back and forth

Wasn’t it considered illegal?

Yes, jailbreak of any device was considered illegal under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. But the Act was abrogated in 2010 and jailbreaking of any device was made legal as it was termed as a ‘fair use of the device’s software’. So, one can be sure that it’s not an illegal procedure. Apple, on the other hand, has declared that its iDevices will lose warranty if they are jailbroken. Not to worry, because jailbreaking is a completely reversible process and will leave no trace. You can return the device to its factory settings and Apple employees won’t even know it.

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Next question is…

Another question that is frequently asked: “is it safe to jailbreak iPod an touch?”

Yes it is! As long as you are using the right software to do it! Be very sure to be confident in the software that you intend to use for jailbreaking your iPod.  The characteristics of a safe jailbreak software are that it is reliable, and is easy to use.

Just 1 of 1000’s of looks

More and more programs are emerging every day that claim to jailbreak your iDevice. Be aware of these programs! As most carry within them, malwares and viruses that will only damage your iPod!

Steps involved:

Following are the steps involved in the jailbreak of iPod touch:

  1. Download the auto assist Jailbreak program
  2. Double click on the jailbreak program.
  3. The software will prompt for a firmware. Make sure you have the most recent firmware saved on your computer
  4. Backup your ipod in iTunes
  5. Turn the iPod off and connect it to the computer.
  6. Run the Jailbreak software and follow the steps it asks you
  7. You will be notified when the process is completed.
  8. If you have followed all steps correctly, your iPod touch will be jailbroken.

The process really is that simple and you can start downloading free games and apps immediately.