Why iPhone 5C is the Best Choice for You

After weeks of speculation and a number of revelations, the iPhone 5c is finally here. Combining with iOS7, Apple has introduced the iPhone 5c as a low-cost handset which is colourful and easy on the eye. Being introduced simultaneously along with the iPhone 5s, the 5c replaces the iPhone 5. Talking about the phone’s structure, it is built from steel-reinforced machine polycarbonate, coated with a glossy finish. The colours that the device is available include a range of pastel shades which consist of pink, yellow, white, green and blue also with a matching set of cases.

When it comes to the specifications, it is just like the iPhone 5 but with a well improved global LTE (Long Term Evolution) support and a front facing camera. Users can choose from a 16GB model and a 32GB version of the iPhone 5c while the commitments vary accordingly. The news from the techies is that the gadget is less expensive to manufacture which enables the company to enjoy higher profit margins. However, the iPhone 5c is not cheap since obviously it’s a device from Apple.

Measuring up to 124.1 x 59.2 x 8.97mm and 132g in weight, the iPhone 5c consists of the same shape, ports and sensors of the iPhone 5 and 5s. However, the device does not have chamfered edges but is rounded off instead making it comfortable for the user to hold. It feels heavier than the previous devices. Taking a look at the front part of the iPhone 5c, it is all glass with a well improved 1.2MP front facing camera, along with sensors and the ear piece above the screen. There is a 4 inch retina display while the 1136 x 640 pixel offers you with wide viewing angles and precise colours.

When you flip the device over you will witness the same iPhone layout with an 8 mega pixel camera which is similar to the iPhone 5. The Apple logo is visible on the top tier of the handset while the term ‘iPhone’ is etched in the bottom. A special mention about the camera should be emphasized. The latest iOS7 camera application features a much simpler layout that will be of convenience to you. Functionalities such as pinch to zoom and touch to focus as well as the AE / AF clock remain unchanged. However, you can hold down the shutter key to shoot multiple photos.

When it comes to the performance aspect of the iPhone 5c, it shares the same internals as the iPhone 5. Everything is well set and responsive. The device also consists of a 1.507mAh battery enabling users to get the maximum use out of the smart phone. The user interface is as before while there are a number of new fonts that have been introduced. There has been a slight update to the keyboard while ‘Siri’ is no longer in beta.

There is a music app which functions with the iTunes radio while you can create stations for your favourite artists. There is also an easy file sharing system named ‘AirDrop’ where you can share files via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So far, the iPhone 5c has been favoured over the 5s.