Seo – You Can You Actually Measure Your Success?

SEO is a joyful measurable marketing exercise. Over the years, I have spent millions of dollars on sales and marketing campaigns that are really hard to measure. Putting a full-page advert in a leading magazine that costs $40,000 dollars might make you feel special, but knowing exactly how much return you make on that investment is very difficult to measure and, in my experience, is a complete waste of money for most small businesses.

The reason I have made millions of dollars from various online businesses over the years is because I have one simple mantra: ‘Every marketing cent I spend must directly equate to revenue’. In other words, I don’t advertise on buses, billboards, radio, TV; in magazines; or sponsor soccer teams, and the list goes on. I don’t care if the whole world knows about my brands or services—I just care about making the maximum amount of revenue for the least amount of marketing cost.

Welcome to the world of SEO. The metrics may, at first glance, seem remarkably boring, but it’s all that matters. Figure this stuff out and you will make millions of dollars online.

The joy of online marketing is that you don’t spend bucket loads of cash and hope it will pay off.

Performance metrics makes up the information that is gathered that directly informs you of your company’s behaviour, performance, and success. Not only does this information help to show you what parts of your strategy are working, but it is crucial in showing your untapped potential and managing your return on investment (ROI).

The reasons should be obvious as to why an analysis of metrics is important to a successful SEO campaign. However, the way in which you collect this information plays a strategic role as well. It’s about focusing your efforts in the right areas and not being bogged down with the parts of data that are pointless. You need to start by defining your business goals and then see how this links explicitly to your SEO campaign.

So the best way to start thinking about your SEO is in terms of actual results. My advice is to do some research yourself, start learning about metrics and SEO, and have a level of understanding yourself without resorting to paying large amounts of money to an SEO firm. That being said, there will come a time when you have learnt as much as you can, or you just really want to strive to something better. And that is when I think it will be best to approach an SEO professional.

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