Looking for a Dealer of Firearms? Federal Firearms Licence Registry is the Place

Are you a dealer who is selling firearms? Agreed, that it can be quite challenging to look for a customer who wants to buy a firearm or ammunition, but, not any more. You can register yourself with FFL Registry; it’s a portal that provides a very exhaustive database for all the valid types of FFL dealers. Yes, registering your company on this site if free. It’s an online directory that is updated regularly with all the data that is provided directly by the ATF. Once you are registered with the FFL Registry, you can directly access your listing and you can add more details of your company, like information about the company, the days and hours of operation of your company, transfer fees charged by you and other contact details of your company.

As a consumer, you can go through the database of the FFL Registry and search for a validated FFL dealer. Yes, FFL search by zip code is also possible; all you have to do is enter the zip code of the area of your interest and all the FFL dealers within a hundred mile radius of the zip code entered will be on your screen. Great!

Stringent Paperwork Requirements by the Federal State

Once you have identified the firearm that you want to purchase, you will have to search an FFL dealer by zip code near you who is well versed with the Federal laws of that particular state, charges a transfer fee that is reasonable, one who is ready to verify the legality of the firearm in your area, and is ready help in ensuring that you qualify to pass all the required background checks.

You and your FFL dealer will have to fill out the Form 4473 either online or on paper. Yes, the paper work requirements for each Federal State are strictly regulated and some FFL dealers are only in the business of paperwork, they are experts on it and do not deal in firearms directly. In return for filling out the forms and dealing with the paperwork for the firearm purchased by you, your FFL dealer will charge you a fee for it. Why not?

If for some reason, your purchase has been denied by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), then, you can fight to appeal the denial.