Between Whiteboard Video And Vector Explainer Video Which One Is Good

The explainer videos are the most popular methods of introducing your products to the audience. This has become the most blessed result of Digital Marketing. Companies or organizations are using explainer videos to create a positive vibe in the market about their products or services. They have left those traditional methods where they used to employ a huge force just in order to promote their products or services to the targeted areas. This process was time consuming and increased their cot of promotion as well. Now, the companies use digital marketing for this purpose, making explainer videos company, to be more precise.

They know that the impression of their product or service depends on the explainer video to a large extent. To make it more impressive, people use high quality graphics in their explainer videos embedded with special effects. There are many techniques which can be applied for explainer video enhancement, few of them are 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional, 3 dimensional, stop motion technique, live motion videos, whiteboard technique etc.

Here, we will discuss about two categories, i.e., whiteboard videos and Vector videos.

Whiteboard technique is favored when we are dealing with startups. Startups are the ones who are very serious about their first impression in public. So they want an optimum technique which should glitter the simplicity of their product or service. Whiteboard technique is the one which satisfies almost all the requirements of these startups, hence , startups take them as their first choice. Basically, this technique involves a sequential drawing of the objects and images, followed by text (wherever required) and providing a background voice support to whatever is depicted by the images. Sometimes, during our school or college life, we find some topics ehich we were not able to understand properly in the class. So, we simply search on youtube about that particular topic and we can get it very easily and all the concepts become clear within seconds. There videos are called tutorial videos, which are made by whiteboard technique. Hence whiteboard explainer video making technique is the best method of simply explaining something to its viewers in a simple, trustworthy and sequential way.

Another category that is to be discussed is Vector explainer videos. Vector Explainer Videos are the videos which are widely used at a global level. A combination of text, graphics, sound, animation etc. gives rise to what is known as vector explainer videos. Their popularity is only because of one point, which makes them stand out of the crowd, and that is the creativity, the makers embed in these videos. They explain the concept of the company to their audience in a very creative manner.

Coming to the answer of the question, which one is suitable? The answer is tough to decide but yet, I will try to answer it in the best possible way.

Whiteboard explainer videos are quite economical, so these videos are most suitable for the budding companies or startups. The production cost of vector explainer videos is quite high, which the new companies cannot afford, so they should go for whiteboard videos.

If you want to make your video look as creative as possible, then no doubt, go for vector explainers. These videos are successful in catching the attention of the audience far more than whiteboard videos.

Vector explainers will also improve your sales as they will succeed to attract much larger amount of target audience as compared to whiteboard explainer videos.

I feel that from this discussion, you will be able to figure out the technique best suited to your company.