GWC Valve and Workplace Atmosphere

GWC Valve is a valve manufacturing company that operates in two cities: Milan, Italy and Bakersfield, California. The company’s manufacturing mostly happens out of Milan where all of their valve technicians and engineers reside. The company then ships all of their designed and manufactured flow control products to their Bakersfield headquarters where they are then distributed. The Bakersfield headquarters is where there are offices though. The company does the majority of their operations management, sales, marketing, accounting, and management from those headquarters. With all of those departments in one building, the company needs to effectively manage their workplace atmosphere. A healthy atmosphere is prone to increase work efficiency and company success. Among the many aspects that increase a company’s success, GWC Valve believes that there are certain actions that cultivate that desired workplace environment:

  1. Recognizing employee hard work, work well done, accomplishments, and success
  2. Cultivating relationships between co-workers and between managements and employees
  3. Creating workplace conditions that are approachable by every type of employee to accommodate all needs
  4. Ensuring that safety measures are in place to protect employee’s physical safety and liability of their work to internal and external stakeholders
  5. Granting employees the opportunity to move up in the company, be promoted, and learn new things
  6. Providing employees with training to meet the changing needs of the company
  7. Encouraging employees to share personal details with their co-workers to develop intellectual and emotional connections while encouraging professionalism

GWC Valve does all of the above and more. That is why the company is recognized for being so successful at operating their corporation. The company is dedicated to their employees just as much as they are to clients and business. Any company with that mentality and approach is sure to be successful internally and externally. For more information about GWC Valve, use the link above to follow their business model and workplace atmosphere.