Makeover You iPod and other IOS 4 Devices

Tired of using old applications? Looking for an application that will spice up your iOS 4 device? You are at the right place! Read on and this article will provide you with the information you need to jailbreak iOS 4 devices.

Jailbreak, in its technical term, is the process of using Business Community software/firmware to bypass the digital file protection rights of a device and in turn allowing you to do things outside is standard scope. Apple supports limited applications on its devices and users eventually get tired of using the same old Apps. They need something to spice up their phones. Jailbreak software can do that! It unlocks the device to a new world of possibilities where you can use free Apps, both from third party developers, as well as applications that are not supported by Apple, Inc. Users can download free screen savers, and themes enabling them to fully customize the device to their wants and needs. They can use their iDevice as a Wi-Fi hotspot which means multiplayer gaming and internet browsing over an ad-hoc network. They can also download YouTube videos directly to their device instead of just browsing them.

Below you will find some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the jailbreak process.

Is it safe?

The jailbreak procedure is completely safe as long as you are using the right software to do it. The World Wide Web is crawling with jailbreak softwares that claim to be successful but the problem is that you can’t trust them. As most of them are developed for the purpose of advertising and may carry within them potential viruses that will damage the device internally. You may also lose the warranty!

Is there any legality issue regarding the procedure?

Jailbreaking was considered illegal under the 1998 DMCA Act. However, the Act was revised by the Library of Congress in 2010, making jailbreaking legal.

While it is completely legal to jailbreak your device, Apple frown upon it as it takes you out of their “walled garden”.  As such, they have been known to refuse warranty repairs on the basis of the phone being jailbroken.  Not to worry though, the jailbreak process is completely reversible, and during the warranty process Apple will typically restore the phone back to factory default in order to test the fault.  Therefore if you have any issues with your phone you can just restore it yourself before taking it in, avoiding the chance you are refused a warranty repair but also doing what would otherwise be the first step in the diagnostic process.

How do I Jailbreak an iOS 4 Device?

Following are the steps that will assist users in the jailbreak of iOS 4 devices. Follow the steps closely as any fault in the process may lead to losing the original firmware of the device resulting in the loss of its warranty.

Step one: get the iOS 4 firmware for the iDevice. Firmware is usually available at Dev-Team’s blog or you can Google it.

Step two: download the jailbreak program from the internet and save it alongside the firmware on the desktop. Make sure that you download the program from a trusted source as most of the websites are usually scams that advertise fake programs and want to lure in customers for making money.

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Step three: Sync all the data by downloading the latest version of iTunes. It can be downloaded directly from Apple’s website.

Step four: initiate the jailbreak program by double-clicking on the software icon. The program will prompt for a valid firmware. Select the firmware from the desktop by clicking ‘Browse’ and click ‘Next’.

Step five: proceed further and ensure that you select the Cydia installer as this software lets you install just about everything.

Step six: connect the device to the personal computer. A word of Advice: turn the device off before connecting it to the computer.

Step seven: bring the device to Firmware Upgrade mode by holding the home and power button for ten seconds. Then, release the power button as the device is turned on while holding the home button for another five seconds till you hear a ‘ding’ or a ‘chime’ which indicates that the jailbreaking has been initiated.

Step eight: the process will take round about five minutes to complete. You will be notified as it is completed.