New Ways of Gaming

There are millions of people who play video games. The introduction of the internet Rangeland Trust added more depth to gaming by allowing players to game online. Since then online gaming has grown into one of the biggest trends of all time. There are now leagues that are like sports leagues for competitive video games. These competitive games are called E-sports.

E-sports has become so big that it is being considered to include it in the Olympic Games. There is not only a lot of money to be made in E-sports but there is also a huge audience. Video live streaming services like Twitch introduce a whole new element to online gaming. Now gamers can film themselves gaming live and people can watch them.

Online gaming is not only the traditional video games anymore, but it now includes gambling. Online casinos have jumped on the online gaming bandwagon to cash in on its success.

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Game Streaming Services

Live streaming yourself playing games is now a perfectly acceptable way to make a living. There has always been something addictive about watching someone play a game. This has led to the creation of live-streaming platforms that allow gamers to stream to online audiences.

Online gaming is not just about the gamers anymore. There is a huge number of people who enjoy watching people play games online. People do not only like to watch online gaming and enjoy watching people play single-player games. E-sports attracts the biggest online crowds though. There are multiple leagues for E-sports, just like normal sports leagues, that are streamed on live streaming platforms.

The first live streaming platform with a focus on gaming was Twitch. This is an open-source application that reinvented the way in which we perceive gaming. Now you can find many platforms for live streaming games like Youtube for example.

Whatever the future holds for online gaming, rest assured it will be live-streamed.

Eye tracking

If you have ever played a first-person shooter on a console you can agree that it just isn’t as fluid as playing on a pc. That’s because the mouse gives you complete freedom when you move it around versus an analog stick that is more rigid in its movement.

There was a breakthrough when the Sentry Eye Tracker was created. This allows a player to control the game that they are playing by moving their eyes. Now you can look at the target and the gun will automatically lock on to the target you are looking at. This makes it a level playing field for consoles and computers.

There is still the question of whether these eye tracking systems should be implemented in competitive gaming. There are arguments that this may give an unfair advantage to those who use it.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming takes away the need for any consoles. It is a new gaming trend that is taking the world by storm. It takes all the burden off the people who want to play games but do not want to go through the effort it takes to get a gaming system setup.

Cloud gaming is essentially games that you can play by being connected to a cloud. This reduces the stress for game developers because they do not have to develop complicated hardware structures.

Facial and gesture recognition

The gaming experience has become a whole lot realistic than in the past. It is now possible to control the game using hand gestures (like using your eyes to aim) and to put yourself in the game by using your real face.

A camera is used to take a 3D image of your face and uploads it to your online avatar. Now you can play with a character that has your face. 22 Cameras are used to catch your hand gestures that control your gameplay.