Top 12 Fun and Educational Websites for Kids

Top 12 Fun and Educational Websites for Kids

The early years of a child is a crucial stage in the development of his or her future. Kids nowadays can’t get away with digital gadgets. The best way to take advantage of innovation is to expose your kids to fun and educational websites. These are websites containing interactive games, videos, and tools to enhance learning. They make the learning process attractive and entertaining to a child. Below, are the top 12 fun and educational websites for kids.

Cool Math4Kids

Children can play online games to learn more about math on this educational website. It offers brain teasers, quizzes, and lessons for kids ages 3 to 12 years old. The CoolMath4Kids games provide good brain training for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.


This educational website for kids specialised in arts and sciences topics. Exploratorium transforms children’s inquiry into learning by letting them go below the sea, rocket into the galaxy, and tinker with gadgets. They can also learn about animals, cells, gardening, and a lot more activities.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is an educational website designed for kids from preschool to 8th Grade. The site offers books, comics, games, playgrounds, math zone, reading, and video treats. 

How Stuff Works

Kids often have so many questions – simple questions that are hard to answer. They may want to know how tornadoes form, why the sky is blue, or who invented cars. How Stuff Works can come to the rescue. This educational website answers questions from all walks of life. To round out the learning experience, they also have games, quizzes, and videos.

National Geographic Kids

Do you want your kids to learn about the natural environment? The National Geographic Kids website houses animal catalogues, games, and videos for your young explorers at home. They can watch animal videos and learn interesting facts about them. They can also learn about other countries, science experiments, and more. 

Nick Jr

Kids love Nickelodeon TV characters and Nick Jr. uses them to make learning fun for preschool. You can find creative activities, games, and puzzles on this educational website for kids. Kids can also watch videos of Blaze, Monster Machines, PAW Patrol, and other Nick Jr. favourites.

PBS Kids

This is the number one educational media site for kids ages 2 to 8 years old. The website allows kids to explore new ideas via community-based programs, digital media, and TV. Its most popular activities include counting games, sing-along songs, and sort activities.


The development of literacy skills is the very heart of this educational website for kids. It’s a unique platform of reading programs and resources organised per grade level – from pre-K to high school. 

Sesame Street

The website’s mission is to help kids grow kinder, smarter, and stronger. It offers a range of art content, educational videos, and playful learning activities. Puppets like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo the Muppet Monster, Kermit the Frog, and Oscar the Grouch can make it fun for kids to learn colours, letters, numbers, and rhymes.


This educational website allows kids from preschool to 3rd grade to have fun while they learn arts, language, math, music, reading, and writing. It houses a huge library of instructional kits, practice books, and teaching tools.

The KIDZ Page

Kids of all ages can enjoy more than 5,000 activities, clip arts, colouring pages, games, and puzzles on this educational website. They are categorised according to the holidays of the year. What’s best about this site is that you can print the activities from time to time.

TIME for Kids

This educational website for kids is loaded with articles, photos, stories, and videos for kids from K-1 to 6th Grade. TIME for Kids may not be as interactive as other kid’s websites but, they tackle subjects about the entertainment, environment, health, sports, etc. in a kid-friendly way. 

The Bottom Line

You can definitely get the kid’s attention to learn new things with the above-mentioned educational websites. To promote a better learning experience, getting the best internet deals and wireless internet plans matter. Online access with a sufficient bandwidth fosters unhampered activities and information. Remember, learning isn’t the product of teaching. It’s more a product of the learner’s activity.