What is Shift Handover?

What is Shift Handover?


Shift handover is one of the most crucial processes of the process of plant operations. Past data revealed that many of the industrial accidents resulted from incomplete and imperfect shift handover. “ADNOC Onshore” recognized the need for digitizing the shift handover. 

Shift Handover improved the shift handover communication, retrieving historical logs within minimum time and enabled information analysis.

What is shift handover? The outgoing operator makes sure to provide all the vital information to the incoming staff for effective and honest working. It is nothing more than sharing or transferring knowledge from the outgoing staff member to an incoming staff member in a unidirectional process. 

Conducting shift handover in a unidirectional way is very reasonable. When communications are conducted in a bi-directional or repetitive nature (questioning, validating, and repeating each handover item), the transferred knowledge’s confidence and accuracy are substantially improved thereby.

The bi-directional communication during shift handover and why it showed improvement creates an alignment in the “Mental Model” of both the operators. By aligning the mental understanding, the gaps between the overall performances are closed, and there is less room for information to fall off through the cracks.

Let us understand first by focusing on Mental Modelling as to what Mental Modelling is and its impact on shift handover. This approach leads us to explore ways that the administrators can leverage mental models for plant safety and overall improvement.

Further, What should be the way of adequately structuring shift handover reports? We can conclude by suggesting looking for the best practices from the regulatory inspector’s perspective in shift handover. 

There is no doubt that communication is a very critical activity, and poor communication will lead to significant accidents. There is doubt that there is a considerable risk in shift Handover. It is a communication event that could turn out either way. However, it has received relatively little attention, and the guidance available is also limited. What is the main aim or goal of the shift handover? We can define it as ensuring the continuity of safe and effective working. It is crucial to opt for an accurate and reliable way of communication for task-relevant information across shift changes. 

It is essential to Improve shift handover for which if we formulate a shift tracker app then systems will be in place.  For this, oncoming personnel must gain an accurate understanding of plant status to make correct decisions and initiate appropriate actions. It is also necessary to address the behavioral aspects.

Shift handover software could become more manageable with structured log books and handover reports, assisted with face-to-face elements. In addition, it is crucial to recognize that certain circumstances, such as ongoing maintenance and deviations from the regular operation, also creates higher risk and need careful analysis and consideration during the effective handover.

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Employee shift scheduling software helps in studying the information related to all aspects – shift logs and handover reports, minor incidents, information about human errors, routine tasks, and solutions to the various problems of the operation.

A shift tracker is crucial to know the status of the procedure. It is used across businesses to improve safety, reliability, production, and environmental performance. It is suggested that a computer-based database solution is required to make the information more reliable. For comprehensive and manageable shift handover, it is better to convert logbooks into computer form so that incoming parties can efficiently use the access to the data results. 

The advantages of this approach include:

 1) Important information becomes more visible

 2) Make strategic and operational decisions for better information.

 3) Time is saved in logging events and can record more value-added information 

 4) Information flows much better across the entire organization

 5) A complete audit trail is also provided.

 A computer-based approach has many potential benefits, but it must consider that all users’ behavior will significantly influence shift handover effectiveness. Any improvement must reflect the human factors that are involved. However, the hazardous industry should especially take care of shift handovers. It needs to keep the industry at the priority as it is a critical activity. 

Key issues include the following:-

1) Exchanging the provision of clear procedures/written guidance describing the critical information and how this should be done.

2) Providing training and having systems to ensure that employees are competent enough to use handover procedures.

 3) It is crucial to carry out auditing and monitoring thoroughly.

4) It is better to involve the employees in the practices of examination and improvements.

 5) Bring all crucial aspects in front of the employees by updating the systems emphasizing the information related to the incidents and accidents due to shifting handover.  

Shift Handover is the need of an hour, and thus it will lead to the betterment of an organization shortly. Implementation of shift Handover should be precise and accurate. Every organization should opt for Shift Handover for better efficiency.