Should fixing the shift handover take 70 steps?
December 28th, 2021 by shari01

Effective communication is an important feature and the foundation of every workplace,  because it decides what the outcome of the work done is going to look like. When a team hands over a work to the next team, there is always a probability of details getting overlooked or missed out, as a result of which the final result can get messed up, leading to questioning of miscommunications and misunderstandings, which can further delay the whole team’s work. The process of shift handover depends on communication and comprehension, which adds up to ensure continuity of work. The result of miscommunication will be a serious mistake that is likely to take up a lot of time trying to fix it, which is why sitting down, having a proper conversation with the team members or the employee who just handed over the work to you, and noting down the things that are likely to be missed, is considered as important to ensuring continuity to the workflow. Safety, looking at the possible things that can go wrong, communication and comprehension, responsibility to take up work, and sincerity at taking care of things are some points that need to be kept in mind while you deal with a shift handover. Shift handovers reduce the pressure of getting a chunk of work completely done by yourself, as it gets distributed, taking workload off you. But it can get even worse if the person who took over from you missed a very significant point that you mentioned, or if you yourself forgot to mention it at all.

A standard procedure needs to be established in order to ensure that work is shifted easily between individuals and teams. In several countries, each company will have a defined procedure on how shift handovers should be executed in accordance with their operational requirements and policies. While this is done with a rigid plan of operation,  with well-defined rules and details in some companies, the others just dismiss it without giving much priority, placing the responsibility of shift handovers to certain employees, without following a structural layout for it.


Since shifts take place countless times a year at a single workplace itself, there is a very high probability of miscommunications to occur and delay the whole work due to the ignorance and lack of responsibility of some individuals. Making sure that the shift handover automation procedure is well managed is a feature of priority that needs to be taken care of extremely well.

Tips for efficient shift handover

Effective Shift Handovers: Why your Business Needs Shift Handover Software

Since we have come to a conclusion that mistakes and miscommunications in employee shift handover can lead to a break in the continuity of workflow, and can negatively affect the result of a work, let us see how this can be fixed. Does fixing shift handovers need 70 steps? The answer is -absolutely no. It is a very easy process to smoothen out the ways in which work is handed out and to fill the holes that are lying around in the way of getting work passed on to another individual.

  • In order to ensure strong communication between individuals, the form and method of communication can be documented in an organized manner, ideally in an electronic mode so that everyone can get easy access to it, without having the fear of losing it.
  • Experienced individuals should be appointed to oversee the work that is handed over, ensuring that there is a smooth flow of workload. They should be equipped with excellent comprehension skills and should be very responsible with their work, as one mistake can break the flow of the entire work. 
  • Important information should be made highly visible to all the team members, making sure that nobody misses anything, even a minute and insignificant detail. Information should also be categorized according to the priority given to each work so that the individuals can focus on the work that needs to be completed immediately.
  • Relevant information regarding shift and safety should easily be shared, and should be within the reach of all individuals. Developing a staff shift scheduling software and using it for this purpose can be very useful to lessen the number of miscommunications.
  • A training session can be held for all the employees to enhance their communication skills and for a better undertaking of responsibilities. 
  • Information should also contain the reason as to why a particular set of work is handed over and should not just contain the material that needs to be worked on, so that the person who works next has a better understanding of their responsibilities, and what contribution they can make to the work to produce the best results. 
  • Meetings and discussions need to be conducted in order to facilitate face to face communication. This can also instill confidence and support in the workers, leading to a better outcome within the desired period of time.


Shift handovers can be less stressful and even more fun if you develop a healthy bond with the people at your work. So trying to maintain healthy relationships is also a fantastic way to keep the workflow going.

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Mistakes to avoid that occur during shift handover.
August 27th, 2021 by shari01

A shift handover takes significant time off your employee’s workday. And if the information is missing or misinterpreted, more time is wasted, and you know! Time is money. You cannot waste so much time every time the shift handover process takes place. Poor handover process will only create inefficiencies and inconsistency, and more risk in companies. Make Your shift handover process immune to human errors for a smooth and efficient process.

Following are the biggest mistakes that can occur during the shift handover process; they need to be avoided at an early stage:

Inadequate knowledge: One of the biggest mistakes during shift handover is identified as a lack of knowledge about the software. The support and maintenance team needs to process through the system efficiently for a smooth handover process. However, both teams are required to have a different level of knowledge where the support team deals with functionality and fundamental aspects of the system. In contrast, the maintenance team needs to handle the core concept or code of the system to modify regularly. In the absence of sufficient knowledge, both teams will not be able to maintain the process smoothly, thus leading to malfunctions. So, Businesses need to ensure the up-to-date training and knowledge of employees.

Unstructured Communication

There’s no surprise that communication is the need for a safe and efficient handover process. The maintenance team and developers need to communicate regularly about modifications, updates, and feedback to help troubleshoot maintaining systems to avoid last-minute problems during the handover process. In case of absence or miscommunication of such conversations, they might make wrong assumptions regarding change or modification, thus increasing cost. Companies need to develop agile models and leave a space for flexibility. The communication gap can be covered with regular meetings to share information that leaves no stone for assumptions. However, Shift management software can be used to avoid such mistakes. They allow you to communicate effectively and reduce the risk of assumptions or miscommunication.

Unstructured Documentation: Wide description or vague handover documentation is difficult to understand; it would take so much time for them to understand poorly structured documentation and then work on it. This costs a lot for the company in terms of money, time, and resources. Companies need to guide their employees for structured and clear documentation. Managers need to ensure that employees are timely organizing information in a detailed manner. The Shift tracker app allows you to keep track of activities, how they are stored. Documentation must be understandable and unnecessary information should be eliminated to make it easy to search relevant data.

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Unsettled issues: When businesses work on a project, problems are bound to occur. What is more problematic is leaving issues unsolved. Sometimes organizations ignore small problems and leave them as they are. But they fail to understand that these issues might create huge problems later on. You wouldn’t want to spend so much money, time, and resources later. So it’s better to resolve issues at an early stage. Managers need to keep an eye on such things to prevent water damage.  

Lack of System awareness: System transfer and knowledge are the core element of shift handover; if your employee cannot understand the system, that will only waste your time. The maintenance team and shift employees need to understand and develop knowledge of the system for a smooth and efficient process. As a solution, managers need to ensure adequate guidance is provided to overcome delays and wastage of resources.

Carelessness in recording data: When employees spend their last days in the organization, they reduce focus on their work, thus leading to missing information. This missing data would create problems for new employees; they may or may not understand the gaps left by previous shift employees. Thus, leading to chaos and delay. Managers need to ensure that the leaving employees update proper, clear, and understandable information for others. A Shift tracker will help you keep track of all data to avoid such mistakes.

Not updating information immediately: When you complete a project or work of the day, if it’s not updated immediately, there are chances you might forget some things to update later. And missing pieces of information will always create chaos. Unstructured data is as dangerous as no information. So, it’s essential to update the information when needed. Shift management software would help you track and keep updated on all the necessary shift handover details. So, as to the effective and smooth process.

Summary: We have discussed the core mistakes that occur during the shift handover process in an organization. Companies need to understand these issues and avoid such mistakes to prevent disastrous situations. Some of these mistakes might be small, but they have a huge impact later on. An efficient handover process will reduce risk and chaos in organizations. __ provide better solutions to avoid such mistakes.

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What is Shift Handover?
August 5th, 2021 by shari01


Shift handover is one of the most crucial processes of the process of plant operations. Past data revealed that many of the industrial accidents resulted from incomplete and imperfect shift handover. “ADNOC Onshore” recognized the need for digitizing the shift handover. 

Shift Handover improved the shift handover communication, retrieving historical logs within minimum time and enabled information analysis.

What is shift handover? The outgoing operator makes sure to provide all the vital information to the incoming staff for effective and honest working. It is nothing more than sharing or transferring knowledge from the outgoing staff member to an incoming staff member in a unidirectional process. 

Conducting shift handover in a unidirectional way is very reasonable. When communications are conducted in a bi-directional or repetitive nature (questioning, validating, and repeating each handover item), the transferred knowledge’s confidence and accuracy are substantially improved thereby.

The bi-directional communication during shift handover and why it showed improvement creates an alignment in the “Mental Model” of both the operators. By aligning the mental understanding, the gaps between the overall performances are closed, and there is less room for information to fall off through the cracks.

Let us understand first by focusing on Mental Modelling as to what Mental Modelling is and its impact on shift handover. This approach leads us to explore ways that the administrators can leverage mental models for plant safety and overall improvement.

Further, What should be the way of adequately structuring shift handover reports? We can conclude by suggesting looking for the best practices from the regulatory inspector’s perspective in shift handover. 

There is no doubt that communication is a very critical activity, and poor communication will lead to significant accidents. There is doubt that there is a considerable risk in shift Handover. It is a communication event that could turn out either way. However, it has received relatively little attention, and the guidance available is also limited. What is the main aim or goal of the shift handover? We can define it as ensuring the continuity of safe and effective working. It is crucial to opt for an accurate and reliable way of communication for task-relevant information across shift changes. 

It is essential to Improve shift handover for which if we formulate a shift tracker app then systems will be in place.  For this, oncoming personnel must gain an accurate understanding of plant status to make correct decisions and initiate appropriate actions. It is also necessary to address the behavioral aspects.

Shift handover software could become more manageable with structured log books and handover reports, assisted with face-to-face elements. In addition, it is crucial to recognize that certain circumstances, such as ongoing maintenance and deviations from the regular operation, also creates higher risk and need careful analysis and consideration during the effective handover.

Effective Shift Handovers: Why your Business Needs Shift Handover Software

Employee shift scheduling software helps in studying the information related to all aspects – shift logs and handover reports, minor incidents, information about human errors, routine tasks, and solutions to the various problems of the operation.

A shift tracker is crucial to know the status of the procedure. It is used across businesses to improve safety, reliability, production, and environmental performance. It is suggested that a computer-based database solution is required to make the information more reliable. For comprehensive and manageable shift handover, it is better to convert logbooks into computer form so that incoming parties can efficiently use the access to the data results. 

The advantages of this approach include:

 1) Important information becomes more visible

 2) Make strategic and operational decisions for better information.

 3) Time is saved in logging events and can record more value-added information 

 4) Information flows much better across the entire organization

 5) A complete audit trail is also provided.

 A computer-based approach has many potential benefits, but it must consider that all users’ behavior will significantly influence shift handover effectiveness. Any improvement must reflect the human factors that are involved. However, the hazardous industry should especially take care of shift handovers. It needs to keep the industry at the priority as it is a critical activity. 

Key issues include the following:-

1) Exchanging the provision of clear procedures/written guidance describing the critical information and how this should be done.

2) Providing training and having systems to ensure that employees are competent enough to use handover procedures.

 3) It is crucial to carry out auditing and monitoring thoroughly.

4) It is better to involve the employees in the practices of examination and improvements.

 5) Bring all crucial aspects in front of the employees by updating the systems emphasizing the information related to the incidents and accidents due to shifting handover.  

Shift Handover is the need of an hour, and thus it will lead to the betterment of an organization shortly. Implementation of shift Handover should be precise and accurate. Every organization should opt for Shift Handover for better efficiency. 

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Effective Shift Handovers: Why your Business Needs Shift Handover Software
December 25th, 2020 by shari01

Shift planning has become much easier in recent times with the digitization of shift scheduling methods by the use of shift handover software and other employee management tools.

A few Years ago, scheduling in work area was a dull organizational task with pencil and paper or, if you were fortunate enough, excel sheet or MS Word, which is now a simplified and strategic tool for planning, communicating and controlling costs.

In this article, we’ll go through the commencement of the new generation of digital shift handover, and we’ll discuss why your businesses need it.

What are shift Scheduling and shift Handover

Shift scheduling is an act of scheduling workers to perform certain jobs during a specific period everyday. About 20-25 years ago, the shift scheduling process involved filling names and roles on the paper calendar for each employee. This task was so time-consuming that it drained most managers out of energy.

The shift handover process involves transferring the data of work completed by the prior shift workers so that next shift workers can continue to do their part of the job without any confusion. But the manual transfer of all the data was not possible, which resulted in destructive incidents in some companies.

But then came personal computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, and the cloud. These advances have made it possible for managers to access efficient shift scheduling and handover software.

Instead of spending long hours in scheduling tasks and carefully handover shift to the next batch of the workers, Now, the managers can perform digital shift handover by using shift handover app on their smartphones or shift handover software in their PCs or laptop.

Benefits of using Digital shift handover

Saves Time

One of the most substantial benefits of using shift handover software is the amount of time it saves. When you combine scheduling software or shift handover app into your working period, the comfort of usage and simple functionality will enable you to create the perfect schedule within minutes for the efficient occurrence of current works and quality data collection for shift handover.

With the time you save, you can concentrate on enhancing your working and your team’s performance which may help in maturing your business toward success.

Improves Access

shift handover software

Modern cloud-based software and apps like shifconnector make it feasible and incredibly easy — to access your workforce management records and data anywhere, at any time.

It does not matter if you are using your pc, a tablet, laptop or a smartphone, as long as you have a good internet connection every data is accessible. You can create rosters, customize data and tasks, and communicate with your employees with ease.

Minimizes Errors

With a manual method of scheduling or handing over work to next shift, i.e. using pen and paper or even with advanced tools like excel sheet and MS word, it is elementary to make mistakes that may devastate your schedule. But with shift scheduling and handover software, the program itself will alert you when it recognizes an error.

These shift software incorporate a built-in artificial intelligence system that keeps track of hours worked, time off and other variables. Even if you schedule something inaccurately, the software itself will notify you to make the correction.

Integrates with other areas of your Business

Software, designed precisely for shift scheduling also incorporates with other digital elements of your business like invoicing and payroll. This connectivity makes other sophisticated tasks easier because the data is already accessible for the use. All you have to do is click a few buttons.

The handover software exports the data and information into a wide variety of documents and formats, old entries and related procedures can be easily found. The data pool also allows valuable analyses, such as identifying periodic sources of errors or a reporting of plant pauses.

Protection from the Occurrence of the Destructive Incidence

Poor scheduling of jobs and shift handover data can be significantly destructive for businesses such as chemical-related manufacturing firms. Poor scheduling may pressurize workers to do overtime. The long hours of work will lead them to be exhausted and reduce their alertness which may cause accidents in manufacturing companies.

On the other hand, the proper scheduling and handover will let the workers have adequate time for rest, and hence, they would be attentive to their jobs. Some of the reliable shift handover software and apps are sling, shiftconnector,  hot schedule, humanity, calamari, shiftboard etc.


The introduction of digital shift handover is a must for businesses with a large number of employees. The in-built artificial intelligence system gives the efficient flow of jobs from scheduling current employees and data to the upnext shit workers with a quality collection of information.

These software systems are incredible for businesses growth as well as good for worker’s welfare.

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