Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO services by Digital Shift are going to help you connect with the right local prospects while increasing your website’s traffic at the same time. Carefully analyzed and selected keywords mixed with geographic targeting will make your website stand out.  The top benefits of local SEO include the following:

  • Smart strategy provided by professionals is strictly focused on making sure your local business service area is optimized for your targeted market.
  • Your money is spent towards the growth of your business in your local environment.
  • Properly analyzed and executed local SEO makes you stand out in local search results and makes sure your business shows up in local search directories to potential customers no matter if they use a desktop or a mobile device.

The most important steps in executing outstanding local SEO include a good understanding of your ideal customer, but also thorough competitor analysis and detailed keyword research. Having your business known to more people that would be interested in purchasing your services is what Digital Shit’s Local SEO is all about. Not only will they increase your company’s website overall search engine ranking on all major search engines, these services also focus on providing high ranks for critical search results for your business.

Local search inquiries represent people from your area searching for your products and/or services by using keywords they type in search engines. Local SEO’s task is to optimize your website to ensure it ranks high in these search results, so when someone searches for the services you provide – they get your business’ website as a result above your competitors.

Learn how to do keyword research

Potential customers very often include a city or postal code in their search query so they make sure they search locally. The goal of local SEO services is to track and enhance your citations (e.g. directory listings) in a way that your business is shown in local map results – again, above your competitors. Providing local SEO services includes developing a strong, functional strategy for your business and maintaining it, along with regular monthly reports provided for you.

Before coming up with the perfect strategy for your website, Digital Shift will firstly learn about your business and analyze your current situation. This is the ultimate way of providing the best SEO advice possible. After the initial analysis comes the next step, which is thorough keyword research, analyzing competitor’s position and keywords, targeting high search frequency, etc.

For some companies, they look to get both local and national listings. For example, targets companies that are local to the Denver area, but they also have the capacity to handle national businesses.

Off-page SEO is just as important as on-page SEO. This means actively creating quality content and online connections to your business. This will strengthen your online presence and make your business stand out as a professional and trusted choice for your customers.

“If you aren’t targeting local SEO and you are a brick and mortar business, you are falling behind with each day. People searching from their smartphones for solutions to problems, places to dine and places to shop, are rampant in our society. Your business needs to show up.”

Brad Shaw, CEO of local SEO company,, told us via email.

These local SEO services are mainly built around 3 major strategies:

  • Audit & keyword research which includes reviewing the consistency of listings, reviewing your competitors, researching keywords frequency and competitiveness.
  • Local directory citations which includes adding your business to top and niche directories and creating structure and unstructured SEO citations.
  • Social & rich media citations which means creating geo-targeted pictures, but also SEO geo-targeted videos, creating social media accounts for your business and creating ongoing social signals.

Optimizing the content and coding on your website is just a part of the Local SEO strategy. Further long, Digital Shift achieves good results by working on your off-page SEO through content marketing, social media and link building. Creating social media accounts and targeting the right audience so your business show up to all the right people is also very important. A strong local SEO strategy that includes all of the above is the optimal way of growing your local business online.